peter poggione

With decades of collective experience, we know what works and what doesn’t. This knowledge allows us to expertly push the boundaries of our clients’ brands beyond all limitations – helping them break through in a crowded mediascape at a time when it is needed most.

We learned a long time ago that if we do our job well, our clients’ jobs get easier and everyone wins. (But we still keep the trophies…sorry.)

Through the years we have represented clients in virtually every business category. These include financial, construction, retail, hospitality, entertainment, government, professional services, education, and even a few non-profits…giving us a diverse knowledge base from which we can draw and apply to your business.

We have carefully calibrated our growth so that we can maintain the “boutique” status that allows us to focus on a manageable list of awesome clients with exceptional service. Because we believe that our clients should directly “work with the people who do the work,” you will only find seasoned professionals – with decades of knowledge and experience – on our strategic team.